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Have You Been “Slapped”  By The Constant Changes On Facebook? You’re Not Alone; But I’ve Found A Way To Go Round It And Get The Results I Want. Would You Like To Know How? Read On…

It took me a while to figure this out, but when I did, my perception of Facebook™ Changes changed.

If you think because Facebook™ keeps making changes, that your business is doomed, I’d ask that you please change that train of thought. There are some simple formulas that you can still apply within the platform to make head way.

After looking at the changes, I realized that Facebook™ is not just about social interaction anymore, it has become a major business investment. More changes will occur, but the question is – Are you ready for what’s coming?

A Few Things To Consider…

Studies show that whenever there’s a major change, there’s about to be a transfer (Either wealth, law or power). With that knowledge, I have been able to process the changes on Facebook™ as major business results transfer. But my questions to you are…

  • Why are you on Facebook™?
  • What are you looking to achieve on the platform?
  • Do you think investing time to run your business on Facebook™ is worth it?
  • Do you think your profits can increase via Facebook™ based these constant changes?

Take your time, don’t be in a hurry. But know this – while many are still wallowing in anger at the changes, the transfer has already been made to those who were well positioned.

But it’s not late; you can still cut into the pie and dominate, only if you choose to do so. Facebook’s timeline for pages has opened new doors for savvy Entrepreneurs to utilize the platform to their benefit. Many who are running away from the changes now, will have to face it later, and by then, they’ll be playing catch up.

You need information that will not only give you the ideas to use in dominating your niche within the platform, but also show you how to go about it…

Introducing – FB Fan Page Domination: How To Build A Profitable Business On FB Using Your Fan Page!


The reason a lot of businesses fail on Facebook is not because they lack the knowledge of how the platform works, but what they lack is the skill to apply the knowledge.

“Applied knowledge is power”

Are you ready and willing to apply the knowledge that will be supercharge your business to the top on facebook?

If yes, then here’s what I have in this manual for you…


Chapter One: Facebook™ fan page timeline features that matter.


Chapter Two: Proper fan page setup and branding.


Chapter Three: How to make your custom tabs generate leads for you regardless of the changes.


Chapter Four: The concept behind EdgeRank and how to post status update that will trigger response.


Chapter Five: Fan page insights and how to use it effectively to target your audience.


Chapter Six: How to reward your loyal fans, and get them to build your network for you.


Chapter Seven: How to stay ahead of your competition within your chosen niche on facebook.


Chapter Eight: How to attract quality/true fans to your page without going through “Like Exchanges”.


Chapter Nine: Introduction to Facebook PPC… why it is necessary to get it going for your business on facebook.


Chapter Ten: Advanced PPC… guidelines on how to laser target your niche and position your business properly to achieve success.

Who Is This Manual For?

This is for anyone who is running a business on Facebook™ or managing an account for another business. The focus is on branding and building a profitable business on the Facebook™ platform.

It is for people who are looking for more customers than fans, and strategies to use in connecting with them. If you are only looking for fans, then this book is not for you, and I say that because fans alone will not do anything for your business growth, but customers will (Customers fall in the category of loyal fans - this is explained further in the book).

Are you a small business owner? An internet marketer? A consultant? An account manager? A professional? Then you need to get this resource manual right away.

Are The Custom Tabs Useless Now?

First, I’ll have to say no; but it’s now tough for most people to really generate leads like they used to.

How are we then going to make these tabs we have spent money on to function the way we want them to?

Let’s look at a few things you’ll discover about the custom tabs you integrated on your fan page:

The “Not Cool” Part:

1. Welcome Tab Cut off – Facebook™ knew savvy marketers were utilizing this to grow their enterprise, so they took it off (They want you to spend money on Ads).

2. Hidden Tabs – not all your custom tabs will be visible, and that’s not good for business; but there are a few secrets to getting people to see them, and I’ll explain in the book.

The “Cool” Part:

3. More Space – The apps pages are now free of all the clutter, and there’s more space (810px width) to showcase what you have.

4. Selling App Space – you can now use this section to make some money on your page; more explanation on the book.

5. Tab Icons Are Bigger – The custom tab icons used to be very tiny and hardly noticed on the old fan page look. Now they are bigger and better. I explain in the book how to use these icons to market effectively.

A Few Bonuses To Look At

 #1. Free Fan Page & Branding Review For The 1st 10 Customers ($197 Value).

After purchasing the manual I will spend time with you to go through your fan page and make changes where necessary (See what one of my customers said about this below).


#2. Facebook Marketing Case Study (PDF report – $47 Value)

These material will highlight 3 important points businesses and entrepreneurs need to take note of when marketing their products and services on Facebook™. This is based on research.


#3. Facebook Marketing Basics (Training Video – $67 Value)

You will get a video presentation on the basics of facebook marketing. This video will break down core factors that determine how businesses/entrepreneurs should operate on the facebook platform (This will be emailed to your inbox after purchase, so make sure you provide the right email address at the Paypal checkout).


What You’ll Pay Today… You’ll Probably Think I’m Crazy!

There is no doubt the information I’ll be sharing with you on this manual can easily be sold for a lot of money.

I don’t know about you, but when I buy stuff online, two things always make me pull out my debit card to purchase whatever is in front of me:

• Value: This means I will gather more information and more knowledge about a particular thing than I did before; and I can use it to my benefit.

• Time Management: This means I’m paying for the research the seller/marketer did. It takes time to figure things out, and putting them together to make sense is another process.


If you are not happy, I’m not going to be either. Buy “FB Fan Page Domination” for only $27 and check it out (It won’t stay long at that price; it will go up to $47 which was the original price I had in mind). I have decided to make to this information available at a give away price.

If for any reason today, tomorrow, or any time during the period of 30 days after purchase, you feel this wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, you can get your money back.

Just contact me via email or ask via Paypal and I will personally ensure that you get your money back – no questions asked.

Since you risk nothing and stand to gain more, click the “Add To Cart” button below and within minutes you’ll gain access to some cool secrets to building your business on your Facebook™ page!

Here’s what one customer had to say…

Image 8 150x150 Landing in Shenzhen, ChinaI just want to thank you for the wonderful work you did! I enjoyed the steps I took, beginning with buying and reading your book “FB Fan page Domination.” I liked the fact that I could read and think about the clear explanations of the process, at my own pace. As with other technical work, even though I understand how it works, I couldn’t do it on my own. I am thankful for your kind assistance Otoabasi. By all means your work is  worth every penny and much more. You have worked so well and patiently with me, listening to my ideas for improving my page. It’s so nice to be understood! You provided valuable suggestions as we worked through the distance creating this new addition to my page. Outstanding work! I highly recommend your services to others considering working with you. I wish you much success as you continue helping others develop their plans. With much appreciation,

Delmy Vialpando


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Here’s one thing I always tell people: It’s not about buying products, it’s about implementing the knowledge you have acquired. The investment you’re making today will not be in vain if you are serious in making head way in your business.


Yours Sincerely,

Otoabasi Umonting

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